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Transform your data into Growth.
Have the best team of Data Analysts at your side.

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Supista Analytics

Accelerate your Growth

Guarantee your success by getting insights you never had before from your data.

Decision Management System

Know your success tune

Get insights that increase profits and reduce unnecessary expenses.


Predictive analysis

Use machine learning to get an competitive edge. Predict sales, revenue and product’s demand & supply before hand.


Know your customer behaviours

Get insights based on customer behaviours and Prevent bottlenecks and detect anomalies using ML.

SaaS Dashboard by Supista

Get periodic reports

Get analytical reports directly in your inbox periodically with performance analysis and comparison with previous data.

Plug your Data from any source

We have got you covered. Connect your data source with Supista and start visualizing your data.
Our technical team is well equipped to develop any new data connection on your request.

Real-time Data Charts

Supista provides you a real time analysis to all your data so that you never miss out any details.

Data Collection Freedom

With our API friendly & secured server, you can collect data from your Supista Application (Web & Mobile interface) or even you current application or Database.

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Dashboard for DMS

Let the Data Decide

Gain a competitive advantage through Data-driven decision-making and increase profits & reduce costs. Develop a series of dashboards for your company to analyze better and keep ahead of your competition.

KPIs Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

User Activity Dashboard

Expenditure Dashboard

Get Customized Analytics

The world is moving from generalized to customized. We provide you with a customized solution to your Organization's growth, keeping in mind the company size and data.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightning-fast analysis
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Advanced Filters for in-depth analysis
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if any of your queries remains unanswered. Our entire team is working very hard to give you the best experience.

  • Which pricing plan is best for us?

    At Supista we value your requirements, therefore, we have a flexible pricing structure. This pricing structure will be efficient on work and light on your pockets.

  • We know that you would love our product. And if you really do, follow following steps:
    ● Click on the ‘Upgrade’ button in the top right user icon in your dashboard.
    ● It will direct you to our Payments page, where you can select plan and make payment.
    ● Upon confirmation of your payment and your choosen plan will be activated.

  • All the documentation related to the the development of Supista can be availed at

  • Adding a new feature to your existing plan is very simple. Just, mail us the details of the feature you require at

  • We accept the following Payment Methods:
    ● Net Banking
    ● Debit Card and Credit Card of Mazor Banks
    ● Visa Master & American Express Cards
    ● Paypal

  • At the end of each month, the number of active users is calculated. You will be charged according to the total number of active users.

  • Yes, you can easily upgrade your plan by clicking on Upgrade button in your top right use-icon. If you wish to downgrade, you can mail us to

  • We take data security at extreme measure. All your data in transmission is secured with TLS-2.0. We take appropriate measures to secure our database and application servers to ensure your data sefty.